Pool Services

We provide these services on your pool for optimal function and clarity

– Weekly & Bi-weekly
– Chemical/Filter includes
 – checking water chemistry
 – balancing chemicals
 – cleaning filter as needed
 – cleaning skimmer basket as needed
– Full Service
– includes chemical/filter services
– plus full vacuuming of pool as needed
– plus skim the top of pool as needed

New Construction

 Step 1  Site elevation & prep
 Step 2  Pool form laid out
 Step 3  Excavation
 Step 4  Steel work and forming
 Step 5  Concrete shell is poured
 Step 6  Tile, decking & coping
 Step 7  Interior service
 Step 8  Comprehensive testing and run through
 Step 9  Pool school with our Qualified Service Manager

Remodeling and Repair

 – Don’t fill that old worn out pool in, let Paradise Pools turn it into a backyard oasis
 – Resurfacing
 – Equipment repair
 – Leak repair

To get started, give us a call at 352-472-8484 or fill our our Contact form and we will get back to you ASAP